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Adults Toward Independent Living


Since 1976, Adults Toward Independent Living (ATIL), an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, has provided housing for disabled adults in the Santa Clara Valley. Our residents lead independent lives in specially designed and maintained facilities that allow them to manage their own affairs while sharing the costs of attendant care and home management.

Founded by families of disabled adults, ATIL offers a unique and empowering alternative to convalescent hospital and board-and-care facilities. The homes offer services to individuals in wheelchairs who need help with activities such as transferring, bladder and bowel programs. Our goal is to maintain a family atmosphere in a safe, independent living environment where residents can control virtually every aspect of their daily lives.

If you or a family member wishes to explore independent living in any ATIL facility, please contact the resident manager at Sam Chriest House or Shamrock House to arrange an interview.

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